Richard King

Vivid Landscape Paintings on Glass

Richard King

Richard King’s technique of painting is something very different. He paints backwards – on the opposite side of the glass – creating mesmerising landscapes and seascapes.(Ask to see the peep hole at the back of the frame)

After much experimentation, Richard has chosen to work on glass, which he says creates a softer gradient of colour and tone, and a stronger range of contrast. His vivid landscapes reflect his keen eye for nature and love of the outdoors. He uses his experience in kayaks and mountaineering to visit some of the remoter locations which he brings to a wider audience in his ‘Fragile Planet’ series.

Richard is from Birmingham and has a masters degree in fine art from Wolverhampton University. For the last twenty years he has taught art in schools and colleges and now works part-time to fit in his painting around his exploratory travels.

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