Gary Walton

...............Vibrant, Fun and Quirky

Gary Walton

Gary has had much fun with his new paintings, experimenting with a different size – wide and narrow. Also take a look at the extended range of prints available.

Gary Walton’s paintings are instantly recognisable by the whimsical style he has built up over the years. There is an air of fantasy in his tug boats, lighthouses and elongated cottages but also a twist of reality. They are happy paintings.

Gary Walton was born in Worcester in 1962. Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he moved through the school system and into a conventional job before taking up art, first as a semi professional and then full time.

In 2004 Gary got his big break when he won the New Artist competition sponsored by DeMontfort Fine Art and was awarded a publishing contract. This gave him the encouragement he needed to fulfil his dream of becoming a full time artist. He exhibits in galleries throughout the UK.

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