Dylan Lloyd

Garden Paintings

Dylan Lloyd

Introduced to the gallery earlier this year, Dylan Lloyd’s garden paintings are a contemporary take on a classic theme. The exaggerated depth of field is a hallmark for his work and takes you deep into the picture.
Dylan Lloyd’s work, is a painterly response to the classic subject matter of the ‘garden’. The paintings balance photographic depth of field and pixilation with traditional painting techniques. Built up through thin layers of oil paint, there are areas of intense detail balanced with gestural brushwork, encouraging the viewer to enter the space and be transported into a verdant landscape alongside being absorbed by the surface of the paintings.

Many of the gardens are imagined places but are a response to formal and wild gardens of Dorset, Wiltshire and Normandy. From walled gardens to wild hedgerows and beautiful planting in French villages he looks at rich layers of plants for his imagery. Contemporary developments in garden design, film and photography are important ingredients in the work and allow Dylan to respond to an ever changing subject matter. His recent move to a studio on the Island of Portland and the plants and flowers that flourish in this rugged and unforgiving landscape have had a direct influence on his new work.

Dylan was Director of Art at Canford School where he is now a Housemaster whilst continuing to teach painting and photography.

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