Clive Eastland

.......Evocative Pastels

Clive Eastland

Clive covers subjects from shady forest scenes to crashing waves and still lifes. He shows his pure technical skill in handling the play of light to create a truly evocative image.

Clive Eastland lives and works in Berkshire. He is completely self taught but has been a full time professional artist for the last twenty years. He enjoys painting a wide range of subjects but most recently has been concentrating on land and sea scapes.

Born in 1962, Clive painted in watercolours since childhood but has latterly changed mediums and now exclusively uses pastels. Drawing on the subtlety of ‘light’ and ‘mood’, he loves the richness and vivid colour inherent in pastels and uses them to convey a sense of atmosphere in his paintings.

Clive’s work is always in demand wherever he exhibits and is highly collectable. His originals are in private collections both here and abroad

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