Clive Eastland

Evocative Pastel Painting

Clive Eastland

Clive Eastland is known for the quality of his pastel paintings which capture those elusive qualities of light and shade. He continues to bring us new works with a mix of subjects from seascapes to still lives.

Born in 1962,Clive Eastland lives and works in Berkshire. He is self taught but has been a professional artist for over twenty years and an art tutor for three.

Clive relishes the transformation that occurs when something he sees in reality or imagination comes to life in a painting. He uses the rich colours of hand rolled pastels, made from virtually pure pigment, to give depth and warmth to his paintings.

Clive’s work is always in demand wherever he exhibits and is highly collectable. His originals are in private collections both here and abroad.

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