Alan Langford

Heading for Home

  • Originals
  • Watercolour
  • 37 x 27.5 cms
  • £480.00

Heading for Home.
Sandle Bridge, The New Forest
Artists description:
“Around thirty years ago I was painting on location near Longwater at sunset. My painting included an imaginary team of draught horses being led home by woodcutters following their daily toil.
I was interrupted by the commoner Len Mansbridge who remarked. ” I remember when they used to do that. But you must be too young to remember foresters working with horses. So where did you get your notions from?”
I replied that I was an admirer of Lucy Kemp Welch who painted the forest and its inhabitants way back in Edwardian times and that I had studied her equestrian paintings in detail.
Len died a number of years ago now, but I can still recall his fascinated inquiries as he patiently watched me paint.
I’m still intrigued by those earthy ancient characters who had known a more naturalistic way of life than their more mechanistically orientated descendants can ever experience today.” Alan Langford

Framed in olive green wood with off-white double mount.
Overall size: 56 x 45cms

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