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Leo Pors in his studio
Leo Pors in his Studio

Leo Pors 2019


Usually Leo flies over to us to deliver his paintings but this year we visited him in his studio in the Netherlands. Following a very successful year, there were only six paintings to collect for our Christmas Exhibition. It was a great opportunity to see where the work takes place and to admire Leo's collection of antique porcelain and glass which feature so strongly in his work.

Delft White Pots, Onions and Garlic £4900
Image Size: 60 x 60 cms
Framed Size: 63 x 63 cms

Still Life with Medieval Glass and Cherries £3500
Image Size: 50 x 50 cms
Framed Size: 62 x 62 cms

Medieval Glass and Cherries £2350
Image Size: 35 x 50 cms
Framed Size: 46 x 52 cms

Still Life with Goblet and Walnuts £2895
Image Size: 41 x 65 cms
Framed Size: 53 x 76 cms

Chiaroscuro with Eggs and Plums £2500
Image Size: 36 x 42
Framed Size: 48 x 54 cms

Peaches £1300
Image Size: 16 x 30 cms
Framed Size: 27 x 42 cms

Artist Details:Leo pors was born in Rotterdam in 1952 and took up painting in 1985, mostly in oil. His earlier work was in the Dutch style of the Hague School but later he began painting more in the Dutch Romantic style. It was about 15 years ago that he changed from painting landscapes to still lifes. Having studied the Dutch masters, he had to learn for himself the technique of building up thin layers of paint, starting with the background, so that the brush work is not seen and the objects stand out.

In each of his still lifes there is a balance of composition, form and colour and a regard for the detail, whether it be a chip in the object or a droplet of water on the shelf.