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Pete Gilbert artist
Pete Gilbert

Recent Works
Pastel and Watercolour on Paper
Mounted and framed under glass in white.

Pete Gilbert 2018

Light and Shade in the Forest


Pete continues to explore the New Forest with its wild interiors, light filled spaces and low lit ponds. He has an artist's eye for finding the painting in the landscape and when out walking he is alive to the play of light evoking drama of the scene.

Gilbert Prints

Pete Gilbert original 'Cadman's Pool'
Cadman's Pool
Image Size: 63 x 42 cms
Framed Size: 87 x 65 cms
Price framed 700
Pete Gilbert original 'Blue Skies at Cadman's Pool'
Blue Skies at Cadman's Pool - sold
Mixed Media
Image Size: 51 x 50 cms
Framed Size:  75 x72 cms
Price framed 800
Pete Gilbert original 'The Shallows'
The Shallows
Mixed Media
Image Size: 31 x 18cms
Framed Size:51 x 37  cms
Price framed 250
Pete Gilbert original 'Kings Hat'
Kings Hat
Mixed Media
Image Size: 48 x 54 cms
Framed Size: 74 x 78 cms
Price framed 800
Pete Gilbert original 'Bluebells on the Edge'
Bluebells on the Edge
Mixed Media
Image Size: 48 x 61  cms
Framed Size:72 x 84 cms
Price framed 900

Pete Gilbert original 'Bluebell Hill, Densome Wood'
Bluebell Hill, Densome Wood
Mixed Media
Image Size: 43 x 71 cms
Framed Size: 65 x 92cms
Price framed 1000
Pete Gilbert original 'Eyeworth Woods'
Eyeworth Woods
Image Size: 50 x 53cms
Framed Size:  73 x 76 cms
Price framed 800

Artist Details: In 2000, following a highly varied business and personal life, Pete decide to focus on his painting. The previous 42 years encompassed (in no particular order) graphic and creative design for others and with his own agency, motorcycling around Europe and North Africa, owning a restaurant and then a night club, hitch hiking across America, renovating a derelict property in the New Forest which is still his home and studio, and, of course, being an artist.

Since turning professional Pete has had his work in numerous exhibitions (winning a number of awards) and has received commissions from private collectors, businesses and public bodies. He also tutors in the South of France each summer.

Pete regularly takes his paints and pastels with him to work on the spot in order to capture the immediacy of his subject.